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11 April 2018

The Discovery Foundation Awards include scholarships, bursaries and research fellowships as well as support for teaching and research institutions.

It is expected to support training of around 300 new medical specialists over ten years – focusing on training specialists for rural areas, developing academic medicine and research centres and increasing the number of sub-specialists.


Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship 2015

Closer to his aim to become a clinician scientist in paediatric gastroenterology – Dr Shrish Budree Dr Budree received the Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award in 2015. With this grant of R2.1 million he will have the opportunity to spend a year in the USA to conduct further research in his field through the Discovery Foundation’s partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital. At MGH Dr Budree will study the role of microbes and work on identifying ways to teach the immune system how to cope with good and fight off bad bacteria. His field of research is established at MGH, and he is excited about the prospects of developing novel therapies to build good bacteria in the body to prevent or treat disease in children. He is determined, and says he will “use his knowledge and bring this expertise to SA to build capacity in his UCT lab” on his return.

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