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11 April 2018

Are you and innovator? Do you have an idea which will change health care in SA? Head on over to Digital Health to see how you can turn your dream into a reality:


Applications for accelerator 2, now include digital health apps and medical devices with a app component. Entries close the end of first week of May 2018.

Digital Health (Pty) Ltd, Reg No 2017/465674/07, Through corporate-start up partnerships, social impact ventures and business innovation ecosystems, we help high growth, high social impact businesses to succeed.

We draw on the latest thinking and tools for innovation and can offer digital health education to clients wherever they are on their innovation journey.

Digital health entrepreneurs that complete the course will benefit from having worked through researched and curated content by experienced entrepreneurs and academics that enable an entrepreneur to enhance their business knowledge and acumen from ideation all the way through to business and strategy execution.

We have experience working with pharma, private health insurance, government, healthcare SMEs and start-ups.

Our work spans the following:

  • Strategic business development, new ventures, investor pitches, business planning
  • Corporate innovation strategy and implementation
  • Corporate /start-up ecosystem development, partnerships, community development
  • Pharma innovation, change and patient-centric solutions
  • Patient & health consumer research and insights gathering
  • We aim to support women who are changing the way people think about digital health and celebrating their achievements in health technology

Value Proposition to aspiring health entrepreneurs

  • Provide startup with credibility by virtue of participation in the Accelerator.
  • Help startup develop their pitch to investors.
  • Prepare startup for its first customer.
  • Provide startup with legal advice including, due diligence, Intellectual Property, valuation etc
  • Provide VC firms with viable and mature startups, ready for Series A funding.

Comments by some of our partners

Richard Gordon, executive director: Grants Innovation and Product Development at the South African Medical Research Council and a judge in the DHCT accelerator programme, says: “Africa, in responding to its unique healthcare challenges, will benefit from innovative approaches as it is a populace eager for progress. It is an opportune time to explore digital health where the Internet, artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to make a significant impact on healthcare.”

TIA took the decision to participate on the panel of judges because it fits in with our mandate to stimulate technological innovation and we are excited to contribute to the growth of local digital health startups,” TIA’s Innovation Skills Development programme manager Karen Eksteen said in the same release.

“We are excited to be part of the DHCT Accelerator Programme which brings together great minds to shape the future of the African healthcare landscape. Such programmes provide the collaboration and thinking that are the ingredients to creating a new healthcare innovation ecosystem, where we do anything but business as usual,” said Dr Niri Naidoo, clinical operations Executive for Bankmed and corporate mentor in the DHCT accelerator programme.

Successful participants from accelerator 1

The winning solutions are:

  1. Udok, an online booking lead by Dr Petrus Van Niekerk which has digital solutions that allow doctors to interact remotely with patients, facilitate treatment and monitor care.
  2. Vula Mobile, a referral platform developed by Dr William Mapham, which links health workers to specialists in tertiary hospitals.
  3. HealthAtHome, developed by Dr Anuschka Coovadia, which aims to provide high quality, affordable, patient-centric care to patients in the convenience of their homes.
  4. ConnecTB: a Web tool by Brighton Khumalo, which allows administrators, supervisors and directly observed therapy providers to register and monitor TB patients.
  5. GeneCare Molecular Genetics – GeneCare’s platform developed by Dr Nicole Van Der Merwe, which delivers high-quality exercise programmes, educational video-coaching, and access to customised diet plans.
  6. The Aviro ART Treatment Mentor app, developed by the start-up’s Dr Musaed Abrahams, which helps nurses in primary care settings to efficiently treat HIV patients.
  7. GC Network: a pregnancy screening app developed by Suretha Erasmus, which informs individuals of their risk for a chromosome abnormality in their pregnancy, provides detailed information of available prenatal tests and empowers them to make informed decisions.
  8. VR/AR Group (VRHealth): VRHealth is a safe, virtual environment where those admitted in rehabilitation centres for substance abuse can develop new behavioural patterns in a realistic, immersive virtual world. VereShaba is behind this solution.

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